61EZ TC Shear Wrench

S-61EZ Assembly Drawing61EZ TC Shear Wrench is specifically designed to be used with Tension Control “Twist Off” Bolts. It has an outer socket that turns the nut counterclockwise, while grabbing the spline of the bolt with the inner socket turning it clockwise. When the proper tension level has been achieved the spline snaps off giving you a visual indication of proper installation.

Shear Wrench TC Twist Off Bolts



61EZ Capacity

A4901/2"5/8"3/4"not recommended

61EZ Specifications

VoltageMax CurrentPower ConsumptionFrequencyMax TorqueNo-Load RotationLBS
110-120 V13.5A1300W50/60Hz435 ft/lbs22 rpm12.1

60EZA & 61EZ - Inner & Outer Sockets

Socket Description Haydon Part #Gross Weight
7/8 OUTER SOCKET WH6087O0.66

61EZ Parts List from Drawing 1301

Drawing #Haydon PartDESCRIPTIONDrawing #Haydon PartDESCRIPTION
1ASee aboveOuter Socket Holder54WH60EZ80Retaining Rings C-Type Dia 12
1BSee aboveInner Socket55WH60EZ82Push Rod
2WH60EZ13Ejector Pin56WH60EZ66Stud Bolt
3WH60EZ14AEjector Spring57WH60EZ67Idle Pin
4WH60EZ15AInner Socket Spring58WH60EZ68Moter Idle Gear
5WH60EZ16ASpirolox FRS-5659WH60EZ70Spirolox FRR-30
6WH60EZ16BSpiro Stopper60WH60EZ71Bush 17 x 22 x 3.1
7WH60EZ16Spirolox RR-26261WH60EZ72CRPH Screw M4x20
8WH60EZ17Set Screw62WH60EZ83Bracket Assembly
9WH60EZ18AOuter Socket Holder63WH60EZ73E-Nut M5
10WH60EZ19Bush 45.2 x 66.5 x564WH60EZ74HSH Bolt M5x12
11WH60EZ20Inner Socket Holder Assem65WH60EZ85Spring Pin 3x12
12WH60EZ23HSH Reamer Bolt66WH60EZ87Eject Lever
13WH60EZ24Third Spider Assembly 67WH60EZ86CRFH Screw M4x35
14WH60EZ27Steel Ball 7/32"68AWH61EZ68AMotor Assembly 115V T6100SR
15WH60EZ28Internal Gear68-1WH60EZ100Retaining Rings C-Type Dia 9
16WH60EZ32Bush 54 x 67 x 568-2WH60EZ101Metal Sleeve 629ZZ
17WH60EZ31Third Gear Pin68-3WH61EZ683Metal Sleeve Bracket
18WH60EZ33Gear Case68-4WH61EZ684AArmature 115V T6100-SR
19WH60EZ293rd Idle Gear68-5WH60EZ105Metal Sleeve 627ZZ
20WH60EZ30Needle Cage KT812868-6AWH61EZ686AStator 115V T6100-SR
21WH60EZ353rd Pinion Gear68-7WH60EZ104CRPH Screw M4x65 w/H washer
22WH60EZ34Bush 24 x 45 x 268-8WH61EZ688Stator Spider Assembly 115V
23WH60EZ362nd Idle Gear Assembly68-12WH61EZ6812Inuslating Washer
28WH60EZ442nd Pinion Gear68-13WH61EZ6813Carbon Brush (S7)
29WH60EZ43Bush 24 x 45 x 268-14WH61EZ6814Brush Cap
30WH60EZ451st Idle Gear Assembly68-15NARubber Plug
35WH60EZ52Metal Sleeve NTB1528571WH60EZ116Cushion Rubber
36WH60EZ53Friction Disk72WH60EZ88Grip - Right Hand
37WH60EZ55Metal Sleeve 690373WH60EZ93HSH Bolt M5x35
38WH60EZ54Spirolox RR-20674WH60EZ95CRFH Screw M4x30
40WH60EZ56Housing75WH60EZ98CRPH Screw M4x6 w/washer
41WH60EZ57CRFH Screw M4x1377WH60EZ97CRPH Screw M4x4
42WH60EZ581st Pinion Gear78WH60EZ121Condenser PAB 104
43WH60EZ59Metal Sleeve 690080NAWasher M3.5
44WH60EZ60Ejector Bracket81WH60EZ91CRPH Screw M3.5x6 w/Tw
45WH60EZ62Latch Spring82WH60EZ120Connector w/Insultor
46WH60EZ61Latch83WH60EZ124Cord Clamp
47WH60EZ63Housing Cover84WH60EZ96CRPH Screw M4x10 w/washer
48WH60EZ64HSH Bolt M4x1485WH60EZ122Cord Armour
49WH60EZ65HSH Bolt M4x1086WH60EZ123Cord Armour Washer
50WH60EZ76Pinion Bevel Gear87WH60EZ94Grip Cover - Left
51WH60EZ77Key88WH60EZ92CRPH Screw M4X22
52WH60EZ78Metal Sleeve 690189AWH60EZ125Cord Assem 115V
53WH60EZ79Motor Gear92WH60EZ128Metal Case
200WH60EZ89Trigger Switch Kit (201 thru 206)
Note: Most OLDER 60EZA parts work with the NEW 61EZ wrench but some are different.

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