80EZA TC Shear Wrench – PARTS ONLY

80EZA TC Shear Wrench is specifically designed to be used with 80EZA TC Shear WrenchTension Control (TC) Bolts in connections with tight tool clearance. It has an outer socket that turns the nut counterclockwise, while grabbing the spline of the bolt with the inner socket turning it clockwise. When the proper tension level has been achieved the spline snaps off giving you a visual indication of proper installation.




Shear Wrench TC Twist Off Bolts A325 A490 Structural Bolt 80EZ



S-80EZ Capacity

A4905/8"3/4"7/8"Not Recommended

80EZ - Specifications

Voltage Max CurrentPower ConsumptionFrequencyMax TorqueNo-Load RotationLBS
115 VAC11.5 amps110050-60 Hz595 ft/lbs1217.6

S-80EZ Inner & Outer Socket List

No.DescriptionGross Weight
WH8062IS-80EZ 5/8" INNER SOCKET0.49
WH8062OS-80EZ 5/8" OUTER SOCKET1.1
WH8075IS-80EZ 3/4" INNER SOCKET0.47
WH8075OS-80EZ 3/4" OUTER SOCKET1.08
WH8087IS-80EZ 7/8" INNER SOCKET0.51
WH8087OS-80EZ 7/8" OUTER SOCKET1.08
WH80100IS-80EZ 1" INNER SOCKET0.57
WH80100OS-80EZ 1" OUTER SOCKET1.19
Installing 1-1/8" bolts with the S-80EZ can damage the wrench's motor




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