90EZ TC Shear Wrench – PARTS ONLY

90EZ TC Shear Wrench is  specifically designed to be used with 90EZ TC Shear WrenchTension Control (TC) Bolts. It has an outer socket that turns the nut counterclockwise, while grabbing the spline of the bolt with the inner socket turning it clockwise. When the proper tension level has been achieved the spline snaps off giving you a visual indication of proper installation. The handle is made of metal and is very durable.                           Shear Wrench TC Twist Off Bolts A325 A490 Structural Bolt 110EZ

S-90EZ Capacity


S-90EZ Specifications

FrequenceyVoltageMax CurrentMax Power ConsumptionMax TorqueNo Load SpeedWeight

S-90EZ Inner & Outer Sockets

Haydon Part #DescriptionWeight
WH9062IS-90EZ 5/8 INNER SOCKET1.23
WH9062OS-90EZ 5/8 OUTER SOCKET0.88
WH9075IS-90EZ 3/4 INNER SOCKET1.12
WH9075OS-90EZ 3/4 OUTER SOCKET0.61
WH9087OS-90EZ 7/8 OUTER SOCKET0.68
WH90100IS-90EZ 1" INNER SOCKET1.61
WH90100OS-90EZ 1" OUTER SOCKET0.68

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