Countersunk Bolts

Countersunk Bolts are used when a flat surface is needed, usually in securing steel plates to a roadway or bridge deck during rehabilitation, railings, etc. Melted and manufactured in the U.S.A. with full mill cert traceability. Available with aCountersunk Bolts Dimension Drawing - Haydon Bolts Inc Socket or Flat Head.

Finish: Plain, Hot Dip Galv or Mechanically Galvanized


A449 – blanks                                                         304 Stainless Steel – blanks

3/4″ X 4″, 6″ & 9″                                                         3/4″ X 4″ & 6″

7/8″ X 4″, 6″ & 9″

1″ X 4″, 6″ & 9″

At Haydon Bolts we have heard our customers need for a quick turn around for countersunk bolts. Because of this, Haydon Bolts now keeps blanks in stock to cut down and thread as per your specification for a quick turn around. If you don’t see your size or material listed above let us know, we can manufacture countersunk bolts in A449, 304 Stainless Steel, A325-3 as well as other material grades.

Counter Sunk Bolt Dimensions

Bolt DiaBody DiaHead Dia(F)Head Height (H)Degree of Slope
Dimensions per ASME B18.5 1990 (R 1998)
(D)MaxMax Edge SharpMin Edge SharpAbsolute Min RoundedMaxMin
1/20.5150.9350.9050.8450.2690.23378° to 82°
5/80.6421.1691.1321.0660.3360.29278° to 82°
3/40.7681.4021.3571.2850.4030.34978° to 82°
7/80.8951.6371.5841.5110.470.40878° to 82°
11.0221.8691.811.7350.5370.46678° to 82°
1-1/81.1492.1042.0371.9620.6040.52578° to 82°
1-1/41.2772.3372.2622.1870.6710.58278° to 82°
1-3/81.4042.5712.4892.4140.7380.64178° to 82°
1-1/21.5312.8042.7152.640.8050.69878° to 82°

hexport – customer document portal

Do you need all of your paper work, right now? No problem! Because we know that often times the certification paper work is almost as important as the product itself. Haydon Bolts created the bolting industries’ first online customer portal. hexport, to make all of your paperwork. hexport contains your certifications, packing lists, proof of deliveries, bills of lading, invoices and shipment tracking. As a result our customers know that they can access all of their documents, wherever they’re & whenever they need them.

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