Deformed Bar Anchors

Deformed Bar Anchors – are low carbon-steel devices designed to increase holding power in concrete and maximize material strength in applications where substantial load supporting (shear tension) forces are present on embedments.

Used in the following situations:

  • Precast columns
  • Tee and beam connections
  • Seismic shear walls
  • Securing steel plates to concrete structures

Material: Low carbon steel, ASTM A496

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Deformed Bar Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength80,000 psi minimum (552 MPa)
Yield Strength (0.5% offset)70,000 psi minimum (485 MPa)

TYPE C STUDS are cold-worked deformed steel bars manufactured in accordance with specifications ASTM A496 having a nominal diameter equivalent to the diameter of a plain wire having the same weight per foot as the deformed wire. ASTM A496 specifies a maximum diameter of 0.628 inches (16 mm). Any bar supplied above that diameter must have the same physical characteristics regarding deformations as required by ASTM A496.

Deformed Bar Anchors

PartNumberWeld Base DiaOverall LengthPiece per BoxBox per PalletPieces per PalletBox WeightPallet Weight1,000 Piece Weight
DBA37-10123/810 1/8150182,70046 lbs828 lbs288 lbs
DBA37-12123/812 1/8150182,70055 lbs990 lbs344 lbs
DBA37-18123/818 1/8150121,80080 lbs960 lbs515 lbs
DBA37-24123/824 1/815081,200108 lbs864 lbs685 lbs
DBA37-30123/830 1/815071,050130 lbs910 lbs897 lbs
DBA37-36123/836 1/81506900156 lbs936 lbs1,029 lbs
DBA37-48123/848 1/81506900208 lbs1,248 lbs1,394 lbs
DBA50-8121/28 1/8100181,80044 lbs792 lbs451 lbs
DBA50-10121/210 1/8100181,80054 lbs972 lbs529 lbs
DBA50-12121/212 1/8100181,80067 lbs1,206 lbs680 lbs
DBA50-18121/218 1/8100121,20098 lbs1,176 lbs972 lbs
DBA50-24121/224 1/81008800128 lbs1,024 lbs1,292 lbs
DBA50-30121/230 1/81007700160 lbs1,120 lbs1,560 lbs
DBA50-36121/236 1/81006600192 lbs1,152 lbs1,879 lbs
DBA50-42121/242 1/81006600222 lbs1,332 lbs2,174 lbs
DBA50-48121/248 1/81006600256 lbs1,536 lbs2,502 lbs
DBA50-60121/260 1/81001100314 lbs314 lbs3,140 lbs
DBA62-12185/812 3/16501890051 lbs918 lbs997 lbs
DBA62-18185/818 3/16501260076 lbs912 lbs1,633 lbs
DBA62-24185/824 3/16508400102 lbs816 lbs2,136 lbs
DBA62-30185/830 3/16507350126 lbs882 lbs2,666 lbs
DBA62-36185/836 3/16506300151 lbs906 lbs3,196 lbs
DBA62-42185/842 3/16508400176 lbs1,408 lbs3,482 lbs
DBA62-48185/848 3/16506300197 lbs1,182 lbs3,962 lbs
DBA75-12183/412 3/16401872060 lbs1,080 lbs1,525 lbs
DBA75-18183/418 3/16401248087 lbs1,044 lbs2,276 lbs
DBA75-24183/424 3/16408320115 lbs920 lbs3,027 lbs
DBA75-30183/430 3/16406240142 lbs852 lbs3,778 lbs
DBA75-36183/436 3/16406240175 lbs1,050 lbs4,529 lbs
DBA75-42183/442 3/16406240205 lbs1,230 lbs5,125 lbs
DBA75-48183/448 3/16406240226 lbs1,356 lbs5,650 lbs

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