Q: I need my certs right now, I can’t wait, how can I get them ASAP?

A: Ask to be registered in our online certification program and you can access your certification documents any time after they have been invoiced. Certifications are uploaded the day after the order ships and in most cases has been uploaded before the shipment delivers.

Q: How do I get into the certification site?

A: Call us or send us an email with a list of people that need access to the site, first and last names, as well as their email address and we’ll get you set up.

Q: Certifications online, can I get my invoices online too?

A: Yes and all from the same place! See above answer to get access.

Q: I need a Rotational Capacity Test for my bolts, can Haydon test my bolts?

A: YES! Here at Haydon Bolts we have an in-house, computerized Rotational Capacity testing device. We preform Rotational Capacity Tests every single day in our lab. Just let you sales rep know when you are ordering your bolts that you need them “RoCap Tested” and we’ll preform the tests, label the packages and provide a print out of the test results.

Q: But I have TC Bolts and need a Tension Test preformed, can Haydon Bolts preform a Tension Test too?

A: Of course, since you can’t preform a “Rocap Test” with TC bolts Haydon Bolts will provide a Tension Test on our state of the art equipment to ensure that the TC bolts you purchase from Haydon Bolts are able to achieve the proper tension levels and are in good condition upon leaving our shop.

Q: Can I get my bolts delivered for tomorrow?

A: Yes, for stock items Haydon Bolts can deliver your order next day from Maine to most of North Carolina to Ohio. If you would like to have next day delivery please get your order in before noon, so our shippers can pull your order, label it and get it on the truck.

Q: Can I rent a Skidmore-Wilhelm bolt tester?

A: Yes, give us a call to talk about your needs.

Q: Can I rent a TC Wrench?

A: Yes, we have several in stock, weekly rentals available.

Q: Did you notice that the answer to all of these questions was yes? 

A: Yes!

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