Headed Concrete Weld Studs

Headed Concrete Weld Studs also known as Weld Studs, are unthreaded with Headed Concrete Weld Studsan upset head. The typical use is for anchoring steel plates and shapes in concrete structures. Our Headed Concrete Weld Studs meets AWS and all other applicable specifications. Weld Studs join a stud and another piece of metal together by heating both parts with an arc. They primarily used to anchor concrete to a steel beam.

Stud welding uses a type of flux called a ferrule, a ceramic ring which concentrates the heat generated, prevents oxidation and retains the molten metal in the weld zone. The ferrule is broken off of the fastener after the weld is completed. This lack of marring on the side opposite the fastener is what differentiates stud welding from other fastening processes. Drawn Arc stud welding permits strong, one-sided welds on base metals with thicknesses starting at 0.048″ (1.2 mm). It produces welds in as little as 0.06 seconds.

Material – Low carbon steel, ASTM A29/A108, 1010-1020. Also available in stainless steel. Typically provided in SS302 though other grades available on request, please contact us for your specific needs.

Length: Length listed is before weld. Stud diameters less than 5/8” will be approximately 1/8” shorter after weld – Stud diameters 5/8” – 3/4” will be approximately 3/16” shorter – Stud diameters 1” will be approximately 1/4” shorter after weld.

Headed Concrete Anchor Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength61,000 psi minimum65,000 psi minimum
Yield Strength49,000 psi minimum51,000 psi minimum
Elongation (% in 2")17% minimum20% minimum
Elongation (% in 5x dia)14% minimum15% minimum
Reduction of Area50% minimum50% minimum

TYPE A STUDS – general purpose studs.

TYPE B STUDS – headed, bent or another configuration that are used as an essential component in composite beam design in construction.

Headed Concreat Anchor

Part/NumberWeld Base DiaOverall LengthPiece per BoxBox per PalletPieces per PalletBox WeightPallet LbsLbs/1,000
HA25-1121/41 1/82,0002754,00048 lbs1,29622 lbs
HA25-2681/42 11/161,0002727,00045 lbs1,21543 lbs
HA25-3121/43 1/81,0002727,00051 lbs1,37750 lbs
HA25-4121/44 1/86002716,20038 lbs1,02663 lbs
HA37-1373/81 3/81,0002727,00070 lbs1,89068 lbs
HA37-1623/81 5/81,0002727,00079 lbs2,13377 lbs
WELD0382003/82 1/86002718,90067 lbs1,80992 lbs
HA37-2623/82 5/86002716,20066 lbs1,782111 lbs
WELD0383003/83 1/85002713,50062 lbs1,674124 lbs
WELD0384003/84 1/83503612,60055 lbs1,980154 lbs
WELD0386003/86 1/8200367,20044 lbs1,188212 lbs
WELD0502001/21 1/86002716,20068 lbs1,836112 lbs
HA50-1621/21 5/84502712,15064 lbs1,728138 lbs
HA50-2121/22 1/84002710,80067 lbs1,809166 lbs
HA50-2621/22 5/8350279,45071 lbs1,917198 lbs
WELD0503181/23 1/83003610,80068 lbs2,448223 lbs
HA50-3621/23 5/8250369,00065 lbs2,340259 lbs
WELD0504181/24 1/8200367,20056 lbs2,016277 lbs
WELD0505001/25 5/16150365,40052 lbs1,872339 lbs
WELD0506501/26 1/8125364,50049 lbs1,728388 lbs
WELD0508181/28 1/8100363,60050 lbs1,800495 lbs
HA62-1435/81 7/164002710,80085 lbs2,295208 lbs
HA62-2685/82 11/16200275,40062 lbs1,674319 lbs
WELD0623195/83 3/16200275,40075 lbs2,025363 lbs
WELD0624185/84 3/16150365,40062 lbs2,232444 lbs
WELD0625185/85 3/16100363,60055 lbs1,980528 lbs
WELD0626185/86 9/1680362,88055 lbs1,980687 lbs
WELD0628185/88 3/1650361,80052 lbs1,872646 lbs
HA62-10185/810 3/16100990098 lbs825946 lbs

Benefits of Using Headed Concrete Weld Studs

  1. Speed, applying a stud takes less than a second
  2. Single sided, no access to the opposing side needed
  3. Strong, creates a full cross section weld
  4. Stable, will not work itself free like a pres-in fastener
  5. Speed of training, no special skills and very little training needed to install

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