Rebar – #14 J & #18 J

Jumbo Rebar is commonly used by the tower Jumbo Rebar Cut Sheet - Haydon Bolts Incand sign structure industries as anchor rods for large structures. The diameter of the jumbo rebar is slightly over-sized than the normal #14 & #18 rebar so that the it can be milled down to account for the differences in diameter from the rebar deformations in order to create a uniformed surface so that the threads can be applied to accept 1-3/4″ & 2-1/4″ nuts.

Sizes: #14 J (1-3/4) & #18 J (2-1/4)

Specification: A615-Gr75                                                                                Finish: Plain or Galvanized

Yield Strength: 75 ksi Minimum                                                       Charpy Impact: 15ft -lbs at -20° F

Tensile Strength: 100,000 psi                                                     Elongations: 10% minimum in 8 inch

Jumbo Rebar #14 J and #18 J Dimensions

Bar SizeLbs/ftDiameter (excluding deformations)Diameter (including deformations)
#14 J9.481.717" (+/- 0.02)1.887" (+/-0.065)
#18 J14.62.214" (+/- 0.02)2.418" (+/-0.065)


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Do you need all of your paper work, right now? No problem! Because we know that often times the certification paper work is almost as important as the product itself. Haydon Bolts created the bolting industries’ first online customer portal. hexport, to make all of your paperwork. hexport contains your certifications, packing lists, proof of deliveries, bills of lading, invoices and shipment tracking. As a result our customers know that they can access all of their documents, wherever they’re & whenever they need them.


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