Shear Connector Weld Studs

Shear Connector Weld Studs are unthreaded with an Shear Connector Weld Studsupset head. Designed to interconnect the concrete slab to the load bearing steel beams. Because of the inter connection or composite construction resists shear loading between the concrete and steel beams. Meets with AWS and all other applicable specifications. Used in all types of concrete connections. They can be welded to flat or vertical surfaces, or to the inside or outside of an angle.

Material – Low carbon steel, ASTM A29, 1010-1020. Also available in a weldable stainless steel. Type 302 is the most commonly used. Other grades available on request. Please contact us for your specific needs.

Length: Length listed is before weld. Stud diameters less than 5/8” will be approximately 1/8” shorter after weld – Stud diameters 5/8” – 3/4” will be approximately 3/16” shorter – Stud diameters 1” will be approximately 1/4” shorter after weld.

Shear Connector Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength61,000 psi minimum65,000 psi minimum
Yield Strength49,000 psi minimum51,000 psi minimum
Elongation (% in 2")17% minimum20% minimum
Elongation (% in 5x dia)14% minimum15% minimum
Reduction of Area50% minimum50% minimum

TYPE A STUDS – general purpose studs.

TYPE B STUDS – headed, bent or another configuration that are used as an essential component in composite beam design in construction.

Shear Connector Specifications

Part/NumberWeld Base DiaOverall LengthPiece per BoxBox per PalletPieces per PalletBox WeightPallet Weight1,000 Piece Weight
WELD0753183/43 3/16125486,00060 lbs2,880478 lbs
WELD0753873/43 7/8100484,80058 lbs2,784567 lbs
WELD0754183/44 3/16100484,80062 lbs2,976600 lbs
WELD0754373/44 3/8100484,80062 lbs2,976634 lbs
WELD0754873/44 7/875483,60051 lbs2,448701 lbs
WELD07550183/45 3/1660482,88044 lbs2,112735 lbs
WELD0755373/45 3/860482,88045 lbs2,160754 lbs
WELD0755873/45 7/860482,88049 lbs2,352810 lbs
WELD07560183/46 3/1660482,88050 lbs2,400852 lbs
WELD07570183/47 3/1660482,88059 lbs2,832968 lbs
WELD07580183/48 3/1650482,40056 lbs2,6881,105 lbs
WELD07600183/410 3/161009900137 lbs1,2331,339 lbs
WELD08740187/84 3/16100272,70080 lbs2,160796 lbs
WELD08750187/85 3/1650272,02573 lbs1,971961 lbs
WELD08760187/86 3/1650271,35057 lbs1,5391,137 lbs
WELD08770187/87 3/1645271,21559 lbs1,5931,306 lbs
WELD08780187/88 3/1640271,08059 lbs1,5931,496 lbs

Benefits of Using Shear Connector Weld Studs

  1. Speed, applying a stud takes less than a second
  2. Single sided, no access to the opposing side needed
  3. Strong, creates a full cross section weld
  4. Stable, will not work itself free like a pres-in fastener
  5. Speed of training, no special skills and very little training needed to install

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