Structural Bolt Storage

Structural Bolt Storage

Section 2. Fastener Components

2.2 Storage of Fastener Components

Fastener components shall be protected from dirt and moisture in closed containers at the site of installation. Only as many fastener components as are anticipated to be installed during the work shift shall be taken from protected storage. Fastener components that are not incorporated into the work shall  be returned to protected storage at the end of the work shift. Fastener components shall not be cleaned or modified from the as-delivered condition.

Fastener components that accumulate rust or dirt shall not be incorporated into the work unless they are re-qualified as specified in Section 7. ASTM F1852 and F2280 twist-off-type tension-control bolt assemblies and alternative-design fasteners that meet the requirements in Section 2.8 shall not be re-lubricated, except by the manufacturer.

Protected storage requirements are specified for high-strength bolts, nuts, washers and other fastener components with the intent that the condition of the components be maintained as nearly as possible to the as-manufactured condition until they are installed in the work. This involves:
(1) The storage of the fastener components in closed containers to protect from dirt and corrosion;
(2) The storage of the closed containers in a protected shelter;
(3) The removal of fastener components from protected storage only as necessary; and,
(4) The prompt return of unused fastener components to protected storage.
To facilitate manufacture, prevent corrosion and facilitate installation, the manufacturer may apply various coatings and oils that are present in the as manufactured condition. As such, the condition of supplied fastener components for the fastener assembly should not be altered to make them unsuitable for pretensioned installation.

If fastener components become dirty, rusty, or otherwise have their asreceived condition altered, they may be unsuitable for pretensioned installation. It is also possible that a fastener assembly may not pass the preinstallation verification requirements of Section 7. Except for ASTM F1852 and F2280 twist-off-type tension-control bolt assemblies (Section 2.7) and some alternative-design fasteners (Section 2.8), fastener components can be cleaned and lubricated by the fabricator or the erector. Because the acceptability of their installation is dependent upon specific lubrication, ASTM F1852 and F2280 twist-off-type tension-control bolt assemblies and some alternative-design fasteners are suitable only if the manufacturer lubricates them.

Specification for Structural Joints Using High-Strength Bolts, August 1, 2014

Steel Erectors Association of America article: Protect Your Structural Fasteners

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