Thru Deck Ferrules

Thru Deck Ferrules are used when shooting weld studs through corrugated metal decking to the steel beam. The Thru Deck Ferrule has wider teeth than a standard Flat Ferrule due to the corrugated metal decking surface is different than shooting straight to the steel beam.

The ferrule helps to shield the arc from the operator, it minimizes the atmosphere that the flux must purge, the ferrule helps form the molten metal into the fillet, while allowing the fillet vents allow weld gases to escape. Ferrules are disposable items and as disposable items they are mass manufactured quickly and inexpensively. Ferrules are cast in a mold out of a low grade moldable ceramic, then taken out of the mold and dried. Due to this manufacturing method, ferrule tolerances can be greater than machining or other manufacturing processes. Therefore, it is not recommended to fixture off of a ferrule when exact location is required.

Thru Deck Ferrules

Ferrule P/NThrough Hole Dia +.015/-.000Grip Dia ± .010Base Dia ± .010Overall Height ± .015Grip Height ± .010Fillet Dia ± .000Fillet Height ±.000

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