Titen HD

Titen® HD a high-strength, self-undercutting, non-expansion, screw anchor for cracked or uncracked concrete and masonry, under both static and seismic loading conditions. The Titen HD anchor is ideal for structural applications, even at reduced edge distances and spacing. Recommended for permanent dry, interior non-corrosive environments or temporary outdoor applications.

Models: Titen HD, Titen HD Mini, Titen HD Rod Coupler

Material: Carbon steel, heat treated

Finish: Zinc plated, mechanically galvanized


  • Serrated teeth on the tip facilitate cutting and reduce installation torque.
  • Thread design undercuts to transfer the load to the base material
  • Specialized heat treating process creates tip hardness for better cutting without compromising the ductility to prevent breakage.
  • Hex-washer head: Requires no separate washer and provides a clean installed appearance. (Some districts may require an additional square plate washer for sill plate applications
  • Removable: ideal for temporary anchoring or where fixtures need to be moved. Reuse of the anchor to achieve listed load values is not recommended.
  • No special drill bit needed, installs using standard ANIS drill bits
  • Installs with 50% less torque than competition

Titen HD® Anchor Product Data – Zinc Plated

Size (in.)Model No.Drill Bit Dia. (in.)Wrench Size (in.)Box QtyCarton Qty
3/8 x 3THD37300H3/89/1650200
3/8 x 4THD37400H3/89/1650200
3/8 x 5THD37500H3/89/1650100
3/8 x 6THD37600H3/89/1650100
1⁄2 x 3THD50300H1/23/425100
1/2 x 4THD50400H1/23/42080
1/2 x 5THD50500H1/23/42080
1/2 x 6THD50600H1/23/42080
1/2 x 6 1/2THD50612H1/23/42040
1/2 x 8THD50800H1/23/42040
1/2 x 12THD501200H1/23/42040
1/2 x 13THD501300H1/23/42040
1/2 x 14THD501400H1/23/42040
1/2 x 15THD501500H1/23/42040
5/8 x 4THDB62400H5/815/161040
5/8 x 5THDB62500H5/815/161040
5/8 x 6THDB62600H5/815/161040
5/8 x 6 1/2THDB62612H5/815/161040
5/8 x 8THDB62800H5/815/161020
3/4 x 4THD75400H3/41 1/81040
3/4 x 5THD75500H3/41 1/8520
3/4 x 6THDT75600H3/41 1/8520
3/4 x 7THD75700H3/41 1/8510
3/4 x 8 1/2THD75812H3/41 1/8510
3/4 x 10THD75100H3/41 1/8510

Titen HD Product Data - Mechanical Galvanized

SizeModel NoDrill Bit DiaWrench SizeBox QtyCarton Qty
3/8 X 5THD37500HMG3/89/1650100
3/8 X 6THD37600HMG3/89/1650100
1/2 X 5THD50500HMG1/23/42080
1/2 X 6THD50600HMG1/23/42080
1/2 X 6 - 1/2THD50612HMG1/23/42040
1/2 X 8THD50800HMG1/23/42040
5/8 X 5THD62500HMG5/815/161040
5/8 X 6THD62600HMG5/815/161040
5/8 X 6 - 1/2THD62612HMG5/815/161040
5/8 X 8THD62800HMG5/815/161020
5/8 X 5THDB62500HMG5/815/161040
5/8 X 6THDB62600HMG5/815/161040
5/8 X 6 - 1/2THDB62612HMG5/815/161040
5/8 X 8THDB62800HMG5/815/161020
3/4 X 8 - 1/2THD75812HMG3/41 - 1/8510
3/4 X 10THD75100HMG3/41 - 1/8510

Titen HD Mini Product Data

SizeModel No.Drill Bit DiaWrench SizeRecommended Fixture Hole SizeBox QtyCatoon Qty
1/4 x 1-3/4THD25134H1/43/85/16 -– 3/8100500
1/4 x 2-1/4THD25214H1/43/85/16 -– 3/850250
1/4 x 3THD25300H1/43/85/16 -– 3/850250
3/8 x 1-3/4THD37134H3/89/161/2 –- 9/1650250
3/8 x 2-1/2THD37212H3/89/161/2 –- 9/1650200

Titen HD Rod Coupler Product Data

SizeModel NoAccepts Rod DiaDrill Bit DiaWrench SizeBox QtyCarton Qty
3/8 X 6-3/4TDH37634RC3/43/89/1650100
1/2 X 9-3/4THD50934RC1/21/23/42040



  • Drill a hole in the base material using a carbide drill bit the same diameter as the nominal diameter of the anchor to be installed and to a embedment depth plus ½”
  • Clean hole using compressed air
  • Insert anchor and tighten until the hex washer head contacts the fixture

*Do not use an impact wrench to install in CMU*

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